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Wednesday, February 1, 2023 16:27 UTC
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Award plaque for eWAS
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1. The eWAS award has been established to provide an incentive to amateur radio operators around the world to make contact with amateurs in the 50 United States of America. It is not associated with or endorsed by the ARRL in any way. Do not contact ARRL with questions about this award, because it is created and administered solely by eQSL.cc!
2. The eWAS Award is available to Amateur Radio operators throughout the world who have EITHER:
3. Applicants can be individuals, or a club station, subject to Rule 14.
3a. If an applicant is combining credits from multiple attached accounts, the account used for the application must have earned at least one (1) of the credits.
3b. For any given number of credits, this eAward can only be earned once per applicant, regardless of attached callsigns. Exceptions may be made by request to the AwardMaster for cases of permanent callsign change or permanent QTH relocation, etc. (This rule is made to discourage applicants from applying repeatedly at the same level with every one of their attached callsigns.)
4. The eWAS award is free. Free certificates will be available for downloading from eQSL.cc, once the AwardMaster has approved the application.
5. An attractive, USA-shaped walnut plaque is also available. See the My Awards screen for current price including shipping to your location.
6. When a user has met the eligibility requirements, the "Application" button in My Awards will become available.
7. The user may then fill out an application online which will be sent to the AwardMaster, who will confirm that all rules and requirements have been met.
8. Standings may be viewed at any time on the Standings page also available through the My Awards page. Certificates and plaques can be ordered from that page as well.
Qualifying Proof of Contact
9. Awards are available for proof of contact with all 50 States of the United States of America.
10. Proof of contact is defined as an eQSL card received from another ham with an approved Authenticity Guaranteed certificate. No credit will be given for eQSL cards sent. This is an important point.
10a. The AwardMaster for this award may determine at his sole discretion whether the eQSLs received are adequately matched by OUTGOING eQSLs sent by the applicant to confirm the credits applied for. A large number of unconfirmed eQSLs is against the spirit of the eQSL system and should be fixed by uploading your entire log, or by carefully confirming each valid incoming eQSL and rejecting each eQSL that does not match your log!
11. To qualify, an eQSL cannot have been rejected by the recipient prior to issuance of the award, and cannot have been retracted by the sender due to an error.
12. Proof of two-way communication (contacts) must be in the form of retrievable eQSL cards. eQSL cards that have been deleted from the eQSL.cc database will not be accepted as proof of contact.
13. No proofs of contact other than eQSL cards posted to the eQSL.cc database will be permitted.
14. All eQSL cards used as proof of contact must be posted in the eQSL.cc database to one or more callsigns owned by the applicant. In the case of multiple callsigns, these must be attached to each other and must meet all other requirements of these rules. The purpose of combining credit from multiple attached accounts is to allow an applicant to qualify for the award even if he moved or operated under different callsigns. It is not intended to allow an applicant to mix credits earned by an individual with credits earned by a club station.
Qualifying Contacts
15. Contacts may have been actually made at any date in the past so long as an eQSL card has been posted to the applicant, who held a valid amateur radio license with that callsign on the date of the QSO.
16. The term "State" as used in this award shall consist of one of the 50 states in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.
16a. Either Maryland (MD) or District of Columbia (DC) may be used as a credit, but not both. So, if you have both DC and MD, and only have 50 credits, you are still missing one State somewhere!
16b. U.S. Possessions (Guam, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, etc) do not qualify as states for this award.
17. All contacts must be made with amateur stations working in the authorized amateur bands or with other stations licensed or authorized to work amateurs.
Award plaque for eWAS PSK 17a. In addition to the "MIXED" award, 18 additional Endorsements are available, for which a new certificate and plaque can be obtained:
  • eWAS Sat
  • eWAS CW
  • eWAS FT8
  • eWAS JT65
  • eWAS JT9
  • eWAS PSK
  • eWAS SSB
  • eWAS 10m
  • eWAS 15m
  • eWAS 160m
  • eWAS 20m
  • eWAS 40m
  • eWAS 60m
  • eWAS 6m
  • eWAS 80m

18. Unlike the ARRL WAS award, contacts made through repeaters, satellites, and other power relay methods are permitted, and stations contacted may be either land-based or mobile from automobiles, ships and boats, or aircraft, so long as they were within the official boundaries of the State indicated in their profile during the contact. However, because of the unfair advantage Internet-linked QSOs (such as IRLP, EchoLink, or eQSO) have over pure RF QSOs, they cannot be counted for this award.
19. All stations must have been contacted by the applicant from within the same State. The location of any station shall be defined as the location of the transmitter. For the purposes of this award, remote operating points must be located within the same State as the transmitter.
20. The use of fraudulent eQSLs for fictitious contacts may result in disqualification of both the applicant and the sender of the eQSL card. Any holder of an eWAS award who knowingly submits fraudulent eQSLs will forfeit the right to continued eWAS membership.
21. Any person who fraudulently registers himself as another person in order to create eQSL cards will be disqualified as above.
22. The AwardMaster will have sole discretion to accept or deny applications for the eWAS awards, based on available evidence supporting or denying the validity and authenticity of confirmation eQSLs.
23. The AwardMaster will have final authority over any disputes regarding this award, and may amend the rules at any time to provide further clarification of disputed or unclear issues.
24. The management of eQSL.cc will appoint the AwardMaster.
History of Revisions
24Sep2002 Walnut plaque availability announced
23Mar2003 Price specified for Walnut plaques
26Dec2003 Changed donation requirement to membership requirement
26Dec2003 Clarified Rule 6
07Apr2004 Clarified restrictions on IRLP and EchoLink QSOs
27Jun2004 Temporarily discontinued plaque until a new manufacturer can be found
20Nov2004 Rule 3 and 14 modified to allow credits to be combined from multiple attached accounts
10Mar2005 Walnut plaque available again
03Apr2006 Changed "IRLP and EchoLink" reference to more generic "Internet-linked"
01Jun2007 Raised plaque price from $50 to $60 due to shipping rate increases
06Nov2007 Rule 16 clarification on use of MD and DC as states
05Apr2009 Rule 5: Printed and mailed certificates subject to new pricing
24May2010 Updated Rule 1 and added endorsements in Rule 17a
25Jun2010 Updated Rule 17a to include 10 new band, mode, and propagation mode endorsements
30Jun2010 Updated Rule 17a to include 6m band endorsement
18Jul2010 Rule 14 reworded slightly to make the intent more clear and eliminate ambiguity or confusion
01Dec2010 Added RTTY endorsement
04Feb2012 Added JT65 endorsement
19Jun2013 Rules 4,5: Brought in line with all other eAwards with regard to printed certificates
22Sep2013 Rule 23 said "contest" when it should have been worded "award"
30Sep2013 Added Rule 3a
07Feb2014 Added JT9
14Apr2014 Added Rule 3b
15Feb2015 Added SSTV endorsement
10Aug2015 Modified Rule 5 to direct user to My Awards page for current price of plaques due to international shipping increases
22Oct2022 Split Rule 16 into a and b for further emphasis
05Jan2023 Added Rule 10a

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