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Tuesday, October 3, 2023 22:50 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
MFJ Enterprises
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Robert Jenkins from USA
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| We are investigating problems with the new eQSL printing/mailing system.... (more)
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5BeDX100tm AA3B Oct 01
5BeWACtm V26K Sep 30
eAfricatm ES8GP Oct 03
eAntarcticatm EA3ZD Sep 28
eAsiatm JH1DOM Oct 03
eAustraliatm DL1RAP Oct 03
eCanadatm M0ORH Oct 03
eDXtm IU6RVC Oct 02
eDX100tm DL1RAP Oct 03
eEchoLinktm M3FGR Dec 21
eEuropetm DK9ZZ Oct 03
eFROMtm DF4DT Oct 03
eGridtm OK8DCC Oct 03
eJapantm JH1DOM Oct 03
eNAmericatm KD7GHZ Oct 03
eNZtm F6ECI Sep 16
eOceaniatm JR1USG Oct 03
ePFX300tm K9AAN Oct 03
eSAmericatm KC3ULW Oct 03
eSatellitetm EA7KRB Sep 29
eUKtm DL1YR Oct 03
eWACtm EB7BVL Oct 03
eWACHonorstm AA3B Oct 01
eWAStm OK8DCC Oct 03
eZ40tm PD0JNG Oct 03

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MFJ Enterprises
MFJ Enterprises
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* We are investigating problems with the new eQSL printing/mailing system. If you received cards that are the wrong size, or if you have been waiting for longer than 2 months for missing cards, please contact support and let us know.
* Our Advisory Board member ZL1BQD is helping a new ham in Papua New Guinea and is looking for a 3-500Z tube. If you can donate one, please click on the email button
* Our members using the new LotW Import facility are adding on average 5000 new eQSLs to their Inboxes and gaining many new eAward credits! Try it
* This is our 25th Anniversary of operation of! Help us Celebrate!
* Improvements to the InBox/Archive and OutBox appearance to modernize them and show upload dates and methods for all eQSL records
* eAward applicants are reminded to check Rule 10a (January 2023) to ensure all credits are confirmed with a corresponding Outbox eQSL, or reject the incoming eQSL please.
* Warning: The so-called "eQSL Factory" at Black Cat Systems does NOT create eQSLs. They do not have permission to use our trademark "eQSL" and have nothing to do with
* It has come to our attention that is using the term eQSL to refer to their database. We have NOT authorized them to use our trademarked term, and we have NO relationship with
* Please go to My Profile and verify your email address. We get over 100 bounced emails every day, and you are missing out on notifications of new eQSLs and other important information when we cannot communicate with you!

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