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Friday, August 14, 2020 07:08 UTC
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Ameritron - The worlds high power leader
Ameritron - The worlds high power leader
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Ryuji Takiwaki from JAPAN
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| If you have a new callsign, DO NOT keep uploading logs with the new call... (more)
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40M: IZ2GTO, EA2FC/P, more...
Latest eAwards
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eAfricatm SA3CFY Aug 13
eAntarcticatm F4GTB May 18
eAsiatm SA3CFY Aug 13
eAustraliatm DJ0OP Aug 13
eCanadatm W0LPD Aug 13
eDXtm KD2QQR Aug 14
eDX100tm KO2F Aug 13
eEchoLinktm EA7KCH Jun 19
eEuropetm F5IYC Aug 13
eFROMtm F4GBD Aug 09
eGridtm HB9EFK Aug 14
eJapantm JH0IHR Aug 14
eNAmericatm HB9EFK Aug 14
eNZtm I2AOX Aug 05
eOceaniatm JI1PJA Aug 14
ePFX300tm HB9EFK Aug 14
eSAmericatm KO2F Aug 13
eSatellitetm EA3CAZ Aug 14
eUKtm KO2F Aug 13
eWACtm KO2F Aug 13
eWAStm KF4IOL Aug 14
eZ40tm SM0FGT Aug 12

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