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Monday, January 17, 2022 09:17 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
MFJ Enterprises
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| Happy New Year everyone | Announcing the new 5 BAND EDX100 award! Check ... (more)
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5BeDX100tm DF2RG Jan 12
5BeWACtm VK2LAW Jan 17
eAfricatm KS4YT Jan 17
eAntarcticatm DM5EE Dec 24
eAsiatm VK2ALS Jan 17
eAustraliatm VK2ALS Jan 17
eCanadatm N2EPE Jan 12
eDXtm KB2KIR Jan 17
eDX100tm KI0HA Jan 17
eEchoLinktm M3FGR Dec 21
eEuropetm PA7TA/QRP Jan 17
eFROMtm DK8IZ Jan 17
eGridtm KS4YT Jan 17
eJapantm VK2ALS Jan 17
eNAmericatm KS4YT Jan 17
eNZtm JK1LUY Dec 21
eOceaniatm VK2ALS Jan 17
ePFX300tm G1FHY Jan 17
eSAmericatm VK4KX Jan 17
eSatellitetm JI5USJ Jan 16
eUKtm VK2ALS Jan 17
eWACtm KS4YT Jan 17
eWACHonorstm UY5QZ Jan 07
eWAStm VK2ALS Jan 17
eZ40tm EA2AA Jan 14

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MFJ Enterprises
MFJ Enterprises
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* Happy New Year everyone
* Announcing the new 5 BAND EDX100 award! Check the rules and your standings on the My Awards page!

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